Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Links list

Article from the New York Times about kids who are picky eaters. 6 Food Mistakes Parents Make

How to infuse spices or herbs (mint, basil, anise) into your ice cream.

Avocado ice cream and 19 others at Desert Candy

Slice citrus (lemons) lengthwise to get more juice.

To double or halve a recipe use the Recipe Ingredient Conversion Calculator. I haven't used this since I'm actually pretty good at math and know facts like there are three teaspoons in a tablespoon off the top of my head.

Why Potatoes turn green. Keep them in a cool dark place.

Places to buy organic vanilla beans, saffron, etc. at good prices on ebay.

Would you like to make your own mozzarella this weekend? Or you could try some homemade ricotta.
I plan to make both someday.

Check out this Chewy Turkish Ice Cream. It looks like taffy.

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