Friday, September 19, 2008

All Hershey's is not chocolate.

Remember my post on how Hershey's Kissables are no longer legally considered milk chocolate? Well it's not just the Kissables folks. It's also Whatchamacallit (I guess the still make them), Mr. Goodbar, Milk Duds and Krackle are no longer chocolate either. They've replaced the cocoa butter with vegetable oil. Cocoa butter is what makes chocolate melt in your mouth. Mr. Goodbar and Krackle are both in the bags of Hershey's minis. What was once labeled "milk chocolate" is now labeled "chocolate candy", "chocolaty", or "made with chocolate". Watch out for those phrases if you want chocolate in your chocolate. "There's a smile in every Hershey's bar." But there isn't chocolate. "Hershey's: the Great American Chocolate (or vegetable oil) Bar." Read more about it.

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