Thursday, July 10, 2008

Photo Shoot

I'm back from visiting my family in Texas. When I was there my brother in law and my sister were taking family photos. They are both amateur photographers, but could both be professional if they wanted to be. The family photos turned out to be a bust. My three year old niece was not having it. But since since my brother in law had already set up the lighting, we took some other photos.

My sister agreed to take photos for me to put on my blog. I had this idea floating around in my head for a while now of a campy photo with a nod to the 1950's. Kristy gave me this cool apron for my birthday. I thought it fit my idea for the photo shoot to a tee (or is it to a T or maybe to a tea?). A few minutes of crazy faces and this is the result. Thanks Kristy!
Oh, by the way. I wrote a one paragraph profile if you click "view my profile" to the left by my apron picture.

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Beth said...

Love the apron! Cute pics, sounds like a great trip.