Thursday, July 10, 2008

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin TX

You cannot underestimate my love of the Alamo DraftHouse Cinema in Austin. It's a movie theater where you can drink fancy beer and eat creme brulee. If that doesn't make you love the Alamo Drafthouse from sitting there in front of your computer, then I'm not speaking to you for the rest of the day. Here's how it works. It's a stadium seating with a wider platform for each row of seats to sit on. In front of you is a foot and a half wide counter to eat off of. Behind you is space for the waitress to walk. Under the counter in front of you are lights so you can read your menu when you place it directly under the counter. The lights aren't very bright so they don't disturb the movie watching at all. When you decide what you want you write it on a piece of paper and put it in a slot that they have for ordering. The waitress comes and takes the piece of paper and your food comes. You can keep ordering whenever you want until last call. That's right...last call at the movie theater. It's so awesome. You don't really notice the waiters and waitresses running around during the movie. Here is their menu. I had the draft house amber beer which I liked. They also have wine, mimosas, and espresso coffee drinks. We had chips and salsa. I've had better salsa in Austin (Texas has some good salsa), but Its much better then any salsa I've ever had in North Dakota. It was really good salsa as is all the food at the theater. We had the artichoke/goat cheese/sun-dried tomato pizza. It was excellent as was the salad I had last year with spinach, dried cherries and candied walnuts. Last year My sister and I split a creme brulee. (Hey, it's hailing. I'll have go close some windows.....O.K. I'm back.) This year each of us ordered ice cream. Big mistake. The ice cream was really good. It comes from a local power house chain Amy's Ice cream which is beloved in Austin. I had the cookies and cream and I highly recommend it. It has several kinds of cookies mixed in and swirls of chocolate sauce in a vanilla ice cream. What was the problem with the ice cream. There was just wayyyyy too much. There were four completely round scoops of very dense Ice cream. I'd guess it was just under a pint. We gave it a good college try, but we couldn't finish it. Not even Julie who seriously loves ice cream. It was great to go to a movie with my sisters. It probably won't happen again for a while. Why? Because, my sisters are both nursing mothers of small babies. But that's not a problem at the Alamo. We went on Baby Day. First movie for both of my newest nieces. We saw Get Smart with Steve Carell of The Office. It was really funny. The picture was taken during the previews for Stepbrothers. Oh man, they're having a Princess Bride Quote Along on July 24th. Wish I could go. This is me (Dread Pirate Roberts/Wesley/Man in Black) on Halloween last year. I only planned on dragging one pregnant sister out on Halloween, but surprise...I drug out two pregnant sisters. They were good sports though.

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