Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bacon fun, part four

I'm not looking for weird bacon recipes, I swear. I just seem to happen across them. I'll stumble across them less often with the demise of tastespotting (next post). Darn it. Anyway...
Bacon in a can. Take it camping with your whipped cream can pancakes. :)
Bacon ice cream is showing up everywhere. It was just on the top chef finale. It must be pretty good if it keeps showing up. Or, it might just be that people are in love the concept. I read the recipe, and it is butter pecan with candied bacon replacing the pecans. (Well, a few twists on a butter pecan ice cream base.) In fact bacon ice cream has become so popular that people are adding their twists to bacon ice cream. Dark chocolate bacon crunch sorbet anyone? No. Well you must not be in an ice cream mood.
How about some chocolate covered bacon (You have to click on that link for the picture. It's quite odd.) or bacon toffee perhaps?

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