Saturday, June 7, 2008

Why Buy Local Honey

I'm not really the local food queen, despite my many posts on local food. I just pass along the information I find. Today I found a post on local honey on Eggs on Sunday. I found all the following links there. I like the link on why you should eat local honey (only four paragraphs). The reason I found most compelling is that industrial bees are fed sugar syrup to make honey. Yuk. I want my honey to come from flowers please. Check out this local honey locator to find local honey in your area. I found Spring Time Honey Company in Belfield (only 55 gallon drums), Stewart Apiaries in Bismarck, Stromme Honey in Kloten, ND, Grand River Honey Company in Hettinger, and American Honey Company also in Hettinger who sell chokecherry honey among other things. And attention Brandy, Big Sky Honey inc. is in Fairwiew Montana.

Hey, do you like to sit and stare at a sunflower for a half hour while you drink your morning coffee every couple of weeks, but haven't figured out how that can save the environment? Well the Great Sunflower Project is looking for people to do just that. They want people to see how long (up to a half hour) it takes for 5 bees to reach you particular sunflower. Don't have a sunflower? They'll send you seeds. They are using the data to study bee Colony Collapse Disorder. A recent problem (since October 2006) with the collapse of bee colonies. If you've seen Bee Movie you already know bees are important for the pollination of fruits, vegetables, and flowers in addition to the whole honey thing.


Anonymous said...

I want some cokecherry honey. Do you think Lilly wants to take a roadtrip to Hettinger??

Robyn said...

Hey Lora, I'm in Hettinger every Wednesday. Let me know if you want me to pick up some honey for you honey!!