Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jerusalem Sandwich

Those of you from the Bismarck area might remember the Green Earth Cafe. They served a Jerusalem Sandwich and I've tried to recreate it. I had written that you should serve this on Pumpernickel. I don't know if that was the way the Green Earth served it, or if it was just how I ordered it. I have found, however, that I prefer it on whole wheat. I have to give a shout out to Sandi for introducing me to this yummy sandwich. The filling makes enough for one and a half sandwiches. I just made one fat sandwich instead.

Jerusalem Sandwich


2-3 T chopped or sliced black olives

3 T cream cheese

2 T chopped walnuts

2 T chopped dates


Two (or three) slices of bread.

Mix the olives, walnuts, dates, and cream cheese. Spread the mixture on one slice of the bread. Top with sprouts and the other slice of bread.

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