Thursday, May 29, 2008

Milk from Sterling

Go _____? Sisters... anyone...what was Sterling's mascot? I know they were Blue and White. But I digress. I was in Dan's Supervalue North today and they were handing out samples of milk from Sterling, N.D. A.K.A. Bessy's Best. There were samples and a schpeal and I was interested, but in a hurry. (Lost season finally tonight. *spoiler alert* Bus driver...Move! That! Island!) I looked on the web and they make and bottle fresh whole milk. Nothing added, nothing taken away. If you have toddlers, you should be extra excited. There is some kind of stuff (that's the technical term) in grass fed whole milk that makes it especially good for toddlers. I don't whether the cows are grass fed or not, but I'd put my money on grass fed if I were a betting woman. If you want to know for sure or have any other questions, there is an e-mail address in the above link. Had I been thinking ahead this would have been great to make ice cream out of and homemade yogurt to make into frozen yogurt. Next time...
Here is an article from KX 12
Hey Lora- Did you find an article on grass fed milk and beef and stuff that is really long and you have no idea whether or not it's reliable? I Sure did. Click here.
Another Lost spoiler alert. Hey why are you putting all that metal in that thingy? Blerk...Blerk...Blerk....Blerk....(storm alert). Hey I sure wish we could get rid of 200 lbs from this helicopter. Blerk...Blerk...Blerk...Blerk... There was another well timed one too, but I can't remember it now. Each announcement went on forever and I don't know why they have to read them to you when they are scrolling across the screen. I heard the blerks. I can read them myself. Erg!


Beth said...

I heard about Bessy's Best but I have not yet tried it! Bravo for getting me the scoop. I just read an article about homemade cheese, and this sounds like a perfect milk to practice with. And get the ice cream maker out. And, and...yes, I'll have to get to Dan's soon.

Lora said...

Thanks for the comment Beth. Cheese making is on my ever growing "to do" list as well. My sister mentioned the idea (on her "to do" list also) and I thought she was crazy. She planted a seed in my head, and now it's on my list. I found this post on making ricotta, if you're interested in checking it out.