Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How to Prepare and Eat an Artichoke

Before Kristy showed me I had no idea what to do with and artichoke and just walked right past them in the supermarket. If you like artichoke hearts, you'll like artichokes. They are time consuming, but fun to eat.

This video is "How to clean an artichoke". To sum up the video, 1. Cut off the stem. 2. Remove a few rows of outer leaves. 3. slice about an inch to inch and a half off of the top of the artichoke. 3. Use a kitchen scissors to snip off the pointy ends of the remaining leaves. Place upside down in the steamer and steam 30-40 minutes, or until a fork or sharp knife can easily be inserted into the stem.

The second video is "How to eat an artichoke: part one". I can't believe I'm eating this on camera. Well, someone had to show me, so I'm paying it forward. Artichokes are messy "don't eat on a first date" food. They are good and fun to eat however. I hope you people appreciate it.

This is "How to eat an artichoke: part two". Sorry about the lighting. My cameraman didn't tell me the lighting was so terrible. Oh wait, there was no camera man.

I hope you've learned how to eat an artichoke and are ready to go out and try it yourself.

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