Thursday, May 1, 2008

Eat Local

For those of you who don't know, eating local ingredients is good for the environment. It takes allot of gas and causes allot of pollution to bring blueberries from South America in February. So, it is always better to eat local ingredients. I always thought that was a great idea, but I live in North Dakota and the local produce is slim when there's no farmers market. (or Gary and Sue's garden, thanks Gary and Sue) I came across this post on Rhubarb and Venison, an awesome local blog with a great name, where the author cooked an all local meal. She also has this post about eating locally in Bismarck. As I was driving home after visiting Julie last weekend I thought I would give it a try some day, maybe in August. I was tired after the drive and made boxed mac and cheese for supper. After cooking, I realized, mission accomplished.

1. Dakota Made Mac and Cheese
2. Land O' Lakes milk
3. Land O' Lakes butter

I think Land O' Lakes is still semi local. After condidering it today, Cass Clay is a better choice. The cost is the same and I don't have a taste preference between Cass Clay and Land O' Lakes. So, I'll buy Cass Clay from now on. (at least that's my plan now). As far as I can tell, Cass Clay comes from Fargo and Land O' Lakes comes from Arden Hills, Minnesota, on the Wisconson Border. I also plan to buy Dakota Made products. (flour, pasta, mac and cheese, etc.) I had mostly been doing that before anyway. But, now I plan to do it even if Dakota Made is 5 cents more when the competing product is on sale. I also get eggs at Cenex, so they're local. Someday I'll make a Local meal that's not mac and cheese.

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