Friday, February 29, 2008

Fresh Tomato Soup

The reviews for this soup have varied from "I don't like tomatoes, but I really like this soup." to "We made it and we thought it was terrible. We had to really doctor it up." Fresh tomato soup is a staple at my house. Or it was until they closed the local green house that grew fresh tomatoes. I miss you greenhouse. This recipe originally called for a cup of cream added after you blend the soup, and then bringing the soup back to a simmer. I don't think it needs the cream, but feel free to add it if you like. If the soup isn't quite right, try adding more salt. With tomato recipes (like salsa) the fix is usually to add more salt. I like to freeze this soup in single serve Ziploc containers. The soup in the picture was frozen in a Ziploc container. I tried to make the picture fancy by adding cheese to the soup. Turns out cheese does not float.

Fresh Tomato Soup


1 T olive oil

½ medium onion, chopped

¼ tsp pepper

8 tomatoes (2 ½ lbs), chopped

4 c water

1 tsp salt

  1. Sauté onions in olive oil in a soup pot.

  2. Add the tomatoes and pepper, and cook 20 minutes on low. Add water and salt.

  3. Cook 40 minutes uncovered.

  4. Blend in batches in a food processor or just blend with an immersion blender.

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